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Customized Software For Your Business and Technical Needs

Haiku Laboratories is a small group of software developers with backgrounds in applied mathematics, statistics, programming, database design, finance and science. We are located on the north slope of Mt. Haleakala on the island of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. We began operation in 1994 supplying customized databases and spreadsheets, network administration and support to local businesses on Maui. We've since expanded to the other Hawaiian islands, delivering software and support via the internet. (Partial Client List)

LogoWe have also developed a variety of technologies to meet the needs of our technical customers over the years, including

  • prediction algorithms employing Kalman filters for financial market applications
  • pattern recognition algorithms including procedures for finding the Cup-with-Handle pattern in stock market data
  • data-smoothing and spectral analysis of financial and other data
  • encryption algorithms for software security
  • optimal scheduling algorithms for property management applications

Logo We also offer academic support to local students and students from around the world via the internet. We have provided help in data gathering and organization, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling, programming, database design and research, to advanced degree students in such areas as public health, business administration and leadership. Contact us for rates.

LogoWe also offer tutoring services for local high school and community college students on Maui in mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics and computer science. Tutoring is one-to-one and rates are reasonable. Contact us for more.

Our logo is a geometric proof of the Pythagorean Theorem: if a right triangle has sides A and B and hypotenuse C, then C2 = A2 + B2. The four right triangles in the box (two purple and two blue) are all identical, just translated to other locations to form the logo’s box. If we assign the letter C to the length of the longest side of each triangle, B to the next longest, and A to the shortest, then the area of each triangle is ˝BA.  Furthermore, the area of the whole logo box is C2, and the area of the small white box inside the logo box is (B - A)2. Therefore, C2  =  4(˝BA) + (B - A)2. Re-writing this equation yields the Pythagorean Theorem.