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     December 9, 2012
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Rick Martinelli

Rick Martinelli is the founder of Upcountry Tutoring.  He holds a bachelors degree with honors in chemistry, and a masters degree in mathematics, both from San Jose State.  His post-graduate studies include mathematics at Stanford University and computer science at the University of Hawaii.  He has taught mathematics at Maui Community College, and at Kapiolani Community College and the University of Hawaii on Oahu.  He has 19 publications in the open literature, in pure mathematics, chemistry, polymer physics, computer science and stock-market analysis.  Prior to teaching, he worked for many years at the Stanford research Institute in California where he invented several scientific instruments and holds a U.S. patent on one of them.  After working for the Army and Navy on Oahu, he was brought to Maui by the Air Force to be site programmer for the GEODSS project atop Mount Haleakala.  He is now owner of Haiku Laboratories, and tutors students in math and science.