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Cup-With-Handle Software For Your PC

LogoThe CwH package was created at the request of CANSLIM traders for an effective search algorithm for the Cup- With-Handle (CwH) structure, or pattern, in stock charts. The package contains a Windows™ dynamic-link library of functions that search for the CwH pattern in stock charts. We also have programs that run under Access™ and Excel™ such as the Market Scanner, which can scan long lists of stock symbols in a few seconds. When candidate charts are identified they may be further studied with the SingleStock_Scanner and the CwHPlotter. Symbol lists are stored in a database called the Stock Manager, maintained with the Stock Downloader program, which downloads from Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo Chart

This is an example of the type of pattern found by the software. The pattern is shown as red dots, along with the daily highs and lows, and the volume. Both price and volume are involved in the CwH structure. (See more examples)